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2G/3G/4G Full-Protocol Phone Locate System – IMSI Catcher

IMSI Catcher Stone 48℃

1. Introduction

1.1 Overview

The full-standard mobile phone location system is based on our understanding of the core technologies of 4G-LTE. With a deep understanding of the LTE protocol stack, it has developed an industry-leading 4G full-system positioning system. The system has key technologies for the direct adoption of IMSI codes for 4G mobile phones. It made a major breakthrough in the positioning of 4G mobile phones.

1.2 Mobile Location System Market Status

Only a small handful of mobile phone positioning systems on the market today are directly based on 4G technology. Mostly, 4G redirection to 3G or 2G is used for target terminal positioning by our competitors, which will have a significant impact on target terminals and make the target aware of it.

Item Competitors Signalwing
GSM Direct Lock Target Direct Lock Target
CDMA Direct Lock Target Direct Lock Target
TD-LTE Redirection to 2G/3G And Lock the Target Direct Lock Target
FDD-LTE Redirection to 2G/3G And Lock the Target Direct Lock Target
Comparision 4G mobile phone terminal will have a significant impact, the target will be aware 2/3/4G are direct lock target, it has little impact to the user

1.3 Product Features

1. Based on the 4G base station system developed by our company, it can quickly catch the mobile IMSI, and support all popular mobiles.

 2. Supports direct capture and locate in the 4G mode, and can also support redirection to 2G/3G positioning based on customer requirements. The target is not aware, and it is with high capture efficiency.

3. Location device adopts our own self-research communication algorithm. The control distance is very long. After the target number is reached, stable control can be achieved without loss.

4. The field strength meter (soldier equipment) cooperates with the location host(mobile code detect device), which has obvious directionality for field strength measurement, accurate data, no jitter, continuous report number (reported every 2s), and the invalid detection distance is less than 5%.

5. Carrier grade products, industrial grade stability, safe and reliable.

2. Application Scenarios

A. The public security and national security and other investigation departments carry out accurate arrests, especially indoor capture without GPS signals.

Figure 1: IMSI Catcher Application Case

B.The positioning system incorporates 4G emergency communication base stations and becomes the advanced equipment for the fire fighting system to achieve high-definition video transmission of the fire field while accurately positioning the front officers and soldiers to obtain command initiative and reduce the sacrifice rate of officers and soldiers.

Figure 2: IMSI Catcher Application Case for Fire fighting system

C. The detection and positioning of mobile phone signals can assess the number and location of buried areas after the earthquake and provide support for formulating search and rescue strategies.

Figure 3: IMSI Catcher Application Case for Caculating Quantity of Mobile ID

3. System Components

3.1 Locate Host (IMSI Catcher)

Support TDD-LTE 3 different band(Band 38/39/40)and FDD-LTE 2 different band (Band1/3). Covers all frequency bands of 4G mobile phones, cooperates with smart antennas, greatly improves device coverage, and makes adsorption targets easier; industrial-grade device stability and positioning algorithm optimization enable the host to control the target mobile phone in a stable 4G network.

Figure 4: Outdoor 4G Protocol IMSI catcher

3.2 Handheld Individual Equipment ( Signal Field Strength meter/ RF Map)

Receives the signal field strength measurement value of the controlled target handset and then reports the energy value of the positioning host to accurately approximate the positioning. The device is small in size, good in camouflage, sensitive in receiving, and has a long standby time. With the positioning of the host, it can find a controlled target in a short time and improve the positioning success rate.

Figure 5: Field Strength Dector

4. IMSI Catcher Device Data Sheet

The following table shows the specification parameters. The actual delivery parameters are determined by the customer’s customized requirements and product form.

4.1 Location Host Parameters (IMSI Catcher)

Item Descriptions
Working Frequency Support GSM、band38、bands39 、bands40 /band1、band3 Meet the 3GPP and industry related standards bands (optional according to requirements)
Detect Range ≥200m (it related to the wireless environment
Get Parameter IMSI
Max. Locate User No. 1
Locate Accuracy ≤ 2m
Working Voltage Voltage:220V AC,50/60 Hz, Current:≤ 2A
Max. Consumption ≤ 200W
RF Output Power 33dBm,40dBm (optional)
Weight ≤ 20K
Outside Size 200mm*500mm*50mm (Reference)
Working Temp. -20℃ ~ +55℃
Storage Temp -45℃ ~ +75℃
Humidity 95 ± 3% ( +25℃)
System Reliability ≥ 10,000 h
System maintainability ≤ 1 h

4.2 Handheld Individual Equipment (Field Strength Detector)

Item Description
Working Frequency GSM、band38、bands39 、bands40 /band1、band3 (Each individual equipment only support 1 band)
Sensitive ≤-105dBm
Display Range ≤-100dBm(0),Max.0dBm(255)
Display Method(Separate or use simultaneously) LCD Display, Voice broadcast(need to connect headset) or Bluetooth connect with Mobile(with App)
Voice Broadcast Voice Broadcast the signal level in Chinese, the gap is 2secomd. In later we update to other language version. (The time gap can be changed by user)
Battery Built-in Li battery, It can work 2 hours in full battery.
Size(not include the connector length) 123mm*60mm*20mm
Weight 224g

5 Tracking System Component List

Item Name Spec. Quant. Unit Remark
1 Field Strength  meter   1 Set  
2 Power Charge 2 5V/0.5A 1 piece With USB Cable
3 Antenna (for synchronize) 5cm  Omni directional 2 pieces SMA  Straight and wield Connector
4 Headset 3.5 mm Headset 1 piece Voice adjustable
5 Panel directional antenna 1710-2700MHz 1 piece For receiving
6 Bluetooth Module   1   Optional
7 Hanging  bag  For holding receiving antenna 1    

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