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Signalwing Fiber DAS Data Sheet

Signalwing Fiber DAS Data Sheet
Signalwing Fiber DAS Features Active Distributed Antenna System Wireless Technologies in SISO and MIMO configurations All 3GPP Bands ...

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Digital Fiber DAS

Digital Fiber DAS
Digital fiber DAS ( fiber optical repeater) adapts SDR (software digital radio) technology to digitize the GSM Um interface signal, transfe...

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Wireless DAS Introduction

Wireless DAS Introduction
1. WIRELESS DAS OVERVIEW Wireless dual band (GSM900+WCDAM2100) DAS which support one master unit connect over four remote unit is to sol...

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How to Install Repeater?

1.Preparation Ensure the power to be accessed is within the booster’s working range: AC 90V~300V. A separate circuit breaker is recommen...

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Fiber DAS-Remote unit introduction

The remote unit converts the digital signal sent by the extension unit into a radio frequency signal to realize wireless coverage of 2G/3G/...

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Fiber DAS-Extension Unit

The extension unit(EU) forwards the digital signal sent by the main unit to multiple remote units. At the same time, the digital signals up...

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