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Home & Office Solution

Application Background

It designed to solve the problem of poor communication in the home, in the depths of the family home, or in a residential area of the family where encountered the weak phone signal, which will cause you the phone break, call instability Of the situation, but also because the poor signal will make the phone launch power increases, then enlarge the phone radiation to the users and  endangering your health.

Signalwing 07DB was designed to solve the problem of family housing, his appearance is small and beautiful, simple installation, the output power is only 0.005 watts, far less than the international standards on electromagnetic radiation, more important it is to protect your calls, reduce your use of mobile phones.

Signalwing Repeater Features

  • Fast and flexible Solution
  • Lowe cost and  easy install (20-30minutes can be set up)
  • Meet consumer requirements and demonstrate the clarifications.
  • Lower power consumption, environment friendly.
  • Super out band suppression and litter interference to other operators.

Application Situation

  • Small target coverage poor signal or blind area.
  • Key Clients, and import site: residence, office or the other place
  • Some place need to surface online: Coffee bar, hotel.
  • Underground Garage, underground store, elevator