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How to Design 5G Expansion Unit

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1.1 Networking

The expansion unit consists of 4 FPGAs (xc7k160tfgg676-2) and 8 RF Transceivers (AD9370). Each FPGA has 8 optical ports, 4 of which are used to communicate with the AD9370, and 2 are used to communicate with the BS. The networking method is shown in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1 Networking

1.2 Optical Interface Rate

The optical interface that communicates with the BS has a rate of 9.8304 Gbps.

1.3 TD-LTE Data Transmission

TD-LTE data select 30.72M sampling rate to transmit 20M/15M bandwidth signal, select 15.36M sampling rate to transmit 10M/5M bandwidth signal, due to support MIMO, as to transmit dual-antenna signal, an FPGA maximum support 3 carriers (30.72M*2 carriers and 15.36M*1 carriers). The TD-LTE data sampling rate is shown in the figure below:

Carrier Bandwidth(MHz) Sample Rate
20MHz 30.72M
15MHz 30.72M
10MHz 15.36M
5MHz 15.36M

Figure 1-1 Carrier Sample Rate

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