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How to understand the VPN Protocol

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I got off work on the road today and suddenly understood the basic principles of FQ. I recorded it and shared it with everyone: FQ is actually very simple.

It can be compared with A to communicate with C, but someone added a wall in A and C to block their communication. Isolating A and C, all messages from A, C are not received, and all messages from C are not received by A. At this time, B appears. B can receive the C message and receive the C message. At this time, A first packs and encrypts the message and sends it to B. The GOV knows that A sends a message to B, but because the message is encrypted, although GOV I know but can’t recognize it, so I don’t stop A and B from communicating. Say: Go. The message is transmitted to B. B receives the message and has the corresponding key to unlock the message. Hey, you are looking for C communication, so I transferred the message to C, because B and C are not in the management scope of GOV, B And C can communicate arbitrarily.

Then, after receiving the message from B, C knows that A is looking for this, so C immediately sends A to B, and after B receives the message from C, I can’t think of it. I need to add C message first. If you are secret, it will be seized by GOV, and the message of C will be blocked to A. Therefore, B encrypts the message of C and gives it to A, because GOV knows that B gives the message to A, but does not know the content, saying that you go. Then A receives the B message, decrypts the message, and knows what C sent to it, so A and C successfully communicated. This is the basic principle of FQ.

After understanding this, we look for several tools in the market, such as Shadowsocket, which communicates with A and B. The encryption protocol is librefree. This protocol has two parts: the encryption protocol and decryption protocol on the A side, and the encryption protocol on the B side. The decryption protocol, the installation of the agreement on the B side, we call the server establishment.

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