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Signalwing IMSI Catcher Operation Instruction

IMSI Catcher Stone 44℃

This article continues the above article:2G/3G/4G Full-Protocol Phone Locate System – IMSI Catcher. The follow article, I copied the file of IMSI catcher and translated from Chinese version.

6. Operation Instruction

6.1 Locate Host Operation Instruction

6.1.1 Boot Preparation

Connect the main service antenna of the device to the ANT port of the device, connect the GPS antenna to the GPS port, connect the network cable to the local debugging network port of the device, and check the appearance of the device and confirm that the connector is not damaged.

6.1.2 Turn On Device

To power on the device, the device startup process takes about 3 minutes. The device can work normally only when GPS signals are received to ensure that the GPS antenna is installed properly.

6.1.3 Background Interface Operation

  • 1. The computer must be installed background software (background software installation method is explained in additional documentation)
  • 2. The computer’s server ip is set to the specified IP in the device, as follows:
  • 3. After setting the IP, start the background server
  • Start as shown below:

6.1.4 Entering the Background Management Page

In the browser, enter: http://localhost:8080/login.html

Account Name: root


After entering, enter the interface as follows:

1. New Data:

1) Enter the data management interface

2) Select device

3) Select data query

4) Click on the query

5) Real-time data, you can see the data automatically refreshed

2. Alarm Management Function

1) Alarm Informer settings

2. Target Online Alarm

After the detection host finds the target mobile phone IMSI, it locks the target. Then arrange the person with field strength meter to approach the target.

6.2 Field Strength Meter Operation Instruction

6.2.1 Host Button, Switch and Interface Description

1 Button: four key membrane switch      

UP: Up key, page up or set data increment;

DOWN: Down key, page down or set data decrement;

RETURN: Return key, return to the home page from other pages;

OK: Confirmation key, enter setting or exit and save the setting parameters.

2 Switches and Interfaces

6.2.2 LCD Display

1 After the main power switch is turned on, the field strength meter starts to work, the LCD displays the initialization page, and after a few seconds it enters the working interface. Work Interface (hereinafter referred to as the home page) The display contents include: channel number, battery level, and detected power level value;

The display contents include: channel number, battery level, and detected power level value;

2. Channel number

Press key to set, press OK key, channel number digit in upper left corner flashes, enter channel number setting, press UP, DOWN key to adjust channel number “+” or “-”, adjust to desired channel number, press OK key again, exit Channel settings, the channel number digits stop blinking and the setting is complete.

3. When the battery level is full, it indicates that the battery level is full. If only one empty frame is displayed (no shadow), it indicates that the battery level is about to be used up. It needs to be charged before use. Will automatically shut down).

4 Detected Level Value

The detected level value shows ≤ -100dBm(30); maximum 0dBm(230).

6.2.3 Other Settings Description

1 synchronous mode

◆ There are seven modes of AUTO, B38, B39, B40, B38&B39, B38&B40 and B39&B40 for synchronous mode; the factory setting is AUTO mode.

◆ Press OK to enter the setting. The selectable mode flashes. Press UP or DOWN until the desired mode is flashing. Press OK again, and the setting is completed without flashing.

2 Synchronization time offset setting

◆ If necessary, set the synchronization time offset of B38 or B39 or B40 sync band number.

◆ Maximum offset is ±1500us, step 100us/step.

◆ At the corresponding sync band number, press the OK key to enter the setting, the digit flashes, press the UP or DOWN key until the desired offset number flashes, press the OK key again,

3 Field strength directional antenna main technical parameters                                   

◆ Working frequency: 1710-2700MHz;

◆ Gain: ≥9dBi;

◆ Standing wave ratio: ≤1.5:1;

◆ Front-to-back ratio: ≥20dB;

◆ Antenna size: 207*177*43mm;

◆ Feeder: Φ3,25cm long;  

◆ Connector: SMA-J;

◆ Antenna fixation: installed in the bag;

◆ Total weight: 500g      

6.2.4 Introduction to Field Intensity Antennas

Place the flat-panel directional antenna in a pouch with the back facing the user and facing outwards; then, attach the SMA cable connector to the SMA connector of the field-strength meter.

◆ After setting the channel number in the field strength meter, you can also place the field strength meter in the bag and listen to the voice broadcast level with the headphones.

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