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Application Background

Mobile communication is part of our living, but the poor signal make it hard to work. How to solve it? As to this situation, we designed one series aimed to solve this vehicle coverage problem.

Vehicle Cellmate

The vehicle make the world smaller, the mobile make the world at hand. Without the signal, it cannot. The mobile signal is transferred by the BTS, the signal shade of the car is 10-25dB. Therefore, as you drive the car in the mountain or the rural area, it is very hard to reactive the signal from BTS.

Installed our vehicle cellmate, it can reduce greatly the call dropping and increase the data download speed in weak signal area. The signal quality is improved immensely in the inner car, when the users driving across the tight building, mountain, tunnel, forest, gorge, desert.

The vehicle cellmate working principle is that setting up a signal relay device which receive the phone radiating signal, and amplify the to 2-5W, then transmit to BTS via the high-gain aerial. This high-gain aerial  also receives the BTS weak signal,  amplifies  and radiates to the inner car. Therefore it ensures the smooth communication.