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K/V-band MM-Wave Receiver

K/V-band MM-Wave Receiver

  • 1.1 Feature Description: The K/V-band mm-wave receiver is a microwave front designed for ground-based microwave radiation.  The microw……
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1.1 Feature Description:

The K/V-band mm-wave receiver is a microwave front designed for ground-based microwave radiation.  The microwave radiometer used is high-precision meteorological equipment. It operates in both k-band (22-32GHz) and V-band (51-59GHz) bands, each with 7 channels. The product indicators are aimed at the current world-class ground-based microwave radiometer in the same frequency band: the MP3000A product of the US Radiometric company and the RPG-HAT PRO G5 product of the German Radiometer company. The main performance of the product depends on the front-end high-sensitivity receiver.

K/V-band MM-Wave Receiver

1.2 Key Technical Indicators:

1. Frequency range: 22-32GHz, 51-59GHz

2. Antenna flap width: K-band 3.5 degrees, V-band 1.8 degrees

3. Number of received channels: 14

4. Bandwidth: Front-end bandwidth 10GHz (K-band), 8GHz (V-band) channel bandwidth: 230MHz

5. Detection accuracy: light temperature error of 0.5 degrees C

6.Temperature control accuracy: 0.015 degrees C

1.3 Product Advantages: 

Millimeter-band microwave radiometers have long been developed by Radiometric and Radiometer _monopoly. Our product is the only self-developed product in China that adopts the direct detection scheme.

The product is benchmarked against RPG-HATPRO , which has higher sensitivity and reliability. All core chips are localized, and all components are independently developed to meet the needs of low procurement costs and low operation and maintenance costs. 

4. Application scenarios: 

K/V band microwave radiometer can work continuously 24 hours a day, with convenient erection, simple operation, stable and reliable operation, unattended operation, and networking capability. Through program optimization, independent research and development, and relying on state-owned chips to reduce risks and costs, it is suitable for meteorological departments as automated equipment for atmospheric water vapor and temperature observation. The product is small in size and light in weight, which is convenient for vehicle transportation and is suitable for emergency weather detection in special areas. 

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K/V-band MM-Wave Receiver