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Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd

10 Years Professional Telecom Devices Provider

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Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd

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Address: 914 Building 2 Hengfu Libo Mansion #, Xinan Street, Sanshui District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, PRC 528132

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Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd. was newly established in Sep. 2009 by its founder who had been working in one of the earliest companies in the wireless/RF industry of China for more than 10 years of R&D and management, with a backup of a group of veteran engineers cherishing the value of “professional(attitude) & excellent(products)”. and its main office locates at Heng Fu Li Bo Massion of Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

Heng Fu Li Bo Mansion

                                                               Heng Fu Li Bo Mansion(Chinese:恒福丽铂公馆)

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