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Band NameFrequency RangeWave LengthBand NameFrequency RangeWave LengthP Band230-1000MHz1300 .00-300.00mmL Band1 - 2 GHz300.00 - 150.00 mmS Band2 - 4 GHz150.00 - 75.00 mmC Band4 - 8 GHz75.00 - 37.50 mmX Band8 - 12 GHz3……

Recently, from China Telecom's official website, China Telecom decided to start the 2022 China Telecom 5G extended small cell equipment technology test, and the test results will be used in China Telecom's 2022 5G ext……



1. Nominal Maximum Linear Output Power Error Check Figure1:Nominal Maximum Linear Output Power Test Connection Diagram Test itemsGSM RF performance testtest childNominal Maximum Linear Output Power TestTesting p……

Connect the computer network cable to the ETH interface of the device, and change the computer IP to 192.168.1.XX.The default IP of the device is, and the computer IP address needs to avoid this IPOpen t……

This device is hardware configured as GSM two carriers, two carriers support GSM900, GSM1800 optional, LTE one carrier, carrier supports band8 band7 band3 frequency points can be configured. The device is powered by 2……