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Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd

10 Years Professional Telecom Devices Provider

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1.2M Drive-away Antenna

4G Wifi Dongle

Ku Band BUC 25W/40W

Ku Band BUC 80W/100W/120W

Portable Two Dimensional Positioning Through Wall Radar

100W Vehicle-mounted Multi-Channel Radio Jammer

Full-Color Night Vision Video Camera Squat Guard System

0.5~3GHz 1 to 8 Ways Power Splitter

2~6GHz 1 to 4 Ways Power Splitter

0.5~6GHz 1 to 4 Ways Power Splitter

2~8GHz 1 to 2 Ways Power Splitter

0.5~6GHz 1 to 2 Ways Power Splitter

Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd
Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd
Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd

Advanced technical support

10 years of professional telecom manufacturing experience

Rich experience and superior strength, the products are sold well all over the country, and the company has won many honors

10 years of focus on the research and development of telecom devices, manufacture of application system products, selling well in many domestic enterprises

Elaborately cast high-quality products

More than 100 varieties with complete functions

Dedicated to casting products, hundreds of varieties, complete functions, to meet customer needs

Product processing is strictly implemented in accordance with ISO international standards, and CNC machining is used to ensure the accuracy of parts

Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd
Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd

Super cost-effective

Quality products cooperate with thousands of customers

The service life of telecom equipment is 15% higher than that of similar products and the price is 15% lower than that of domestic similar products

Small size

Full service

Quick response + Professional guidance

Professional and complete expert team of communication equipment Product and Technical consultation are welcome to call at any time.

We will call you within 30 minutes and provide you with a professional and suitable solution

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High-quality products have won the trust of thousands of customers!


Company Profile

Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd. was newly established in 2022 by its founder who had been working in one of the earliest companies in the wireless/RF industry of China for more than 10 years of R&D and management, with a backup of a group of veteran engineers cherishing the value of “profession……