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Anti Drone and Drone Detection System-W2020

Anti Drone and Drone Detection System-W2020

  • 1. Anti Drone W2020 Features Integrated detection and countermeasures, smaller and lighter;Self-learning and identifying undocumented ……
Product Details

1. Anti Drone W2020 Features

  • Integrated detection and countermeasures, smaller and lighter;
  • Self-learning and identifying undocumented drones, including industrial drones, and consumer drones;
  • Identify the UAV model and locate the azimuth and distance of the UAV;
  • Suitable for industrial, consumer, and WIFI drones;
  • Full-band detection, from 70MHz to 6GHz;
  • It can process more than 10 targets at the same time, detect and identify positioning and countermeasures;
  • Two working modes:Unattended and manual work,
  • 160MHz real-time processing bandwidth;
  • The multi-antenna array design is suitable for the complex electromagnetic environment in the city, the detection distance can reach more than 1.0km, and the detection distance in the suburban open environment can reach 1km-3km, depending on the electromagnetic environment.
  • Aerial drone signal feature recognition. For drones with no data in the database, it can enable the self-learning function, and the system will prompt you to enter a new model after the detection is complete. This ensures that the system will be able to identify any drone, making up for the lack of a database.
  • The special frequency hopping signal identification technology can distinguish between multiple remote controllers and industrial-grade frequency hopping drones. (Some drones do not have broadband image signals and use frequency hopping signals to aggregate images)
  • Whitelist function, when the drone is detected, click the result bar to add the drone to the whitelist, without pre-recording the remote control signal, in the case of unattended, the whitelisted drone will not be countered.
  • The unique patented design of intelligent gain and reference level can adapt to complex electromagnetic environment detection needs without any manual operation.
  • To protect public safety:
    • Airport;
    • government offices;
    • event
    • Hospital
    • prison;
    • Power and water stations;
    • other important places;

2. Application Scenarios

W2020 series products can be used in mobile and fixed deployment. During temporary major event security deployment, W2020 is deployed through mobile brackets. High-value targets such as airports, government departments, prisons, nuclear power plants, hydropower stations, etc., deploy fixed equipment nearby to implement 7*24 hours of protection to prevent malicious drone interference, peeping, and even attacks.

At the same time, W2020 series products can be connected to the network through multiple devices at the same time, and centralized monitoring is performed in the central control room to protect a larger area.

3. Specifications

Equipment type:Spectrum detection and counter
Radio Frequency:From 70MHz to 6GHz
Real-time detection bandwidth:160MHz
Horizontal detection angle range:0°-360°
Detection distance:Under normal circumstances, it can reach at least 1.0 kilometers; in open suburban areas, it can reach 1-3 kilometers, depending on the electromagnetic environment.
Counter distance:1 km (100 meters high)
Counter frequency:DefaultsDefaultsDefaults(Can 900-930MHz 40±1dBm2400-2485MHz 40±1dBm5725-5850MHz 43±1dBm
GPS automatic positioning:
Device Orientation Awareness for the North Arrow
Set up a whitelist:
WIFI drone identification:
Identifying Industrial-Grade Jump Drones
autonomous identificationUndocumented drones:
Operating temperature:-20° to 60°
Storage temperature:-40° to 70°
Maximum power consumption:<280W(sending)
size:500mm, H=500mm
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Anti Drone and Drone Detection System-W2020