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Application Case

Application Case

China Downtown Skynet fence System Solutions

Release Time:2018-03-30Source:JIELUODA INDUSTRY LIMITED

Skynet fence project refers to the use of GIS maps, mobile phone IMSI numbers, transmission, control, display, and other equipment and control software to meet the city's security and urban management needs, and real-time mobile IMSI monitoring system for fixed areas. Skynet Fence Project installs video surveillance equipment in traffic arteries, public security bays, public gathering places, hotels, schools, hospitals, and complex sites of law and order, and uses network gateways such as video private network, Internet, mobile, etc. The IMSI number of the mobile phone is transmitted to the monitoring center (ie, the “TenNet Fence Project” management platform ), providing reliable information for strengthening the comprehensive management of cities, preventing crimes against crimes, and preventing sudden public safety accidents.

1.Skynet Fence Deployment Overall

Red Flag: The high-power IMSI Catcher equipment realizes the coverage of main roads and bayonet suburbs.

Green Flag: The low-power IMSI Catcher equipment covers the main traffic channels and important places in the city.
Realize seamless Skynet coverage from outside to inside.

2.Skynet Fence Network Architecture

1. The 2G 4G IMSI catcher fencing equipment passed back through the video private network of the public security system;
2. In the absence of video private network can pass 3G backhaul;
3. The total number of high-power fences and low-power fences is relatively large, and the IMSI number is also relatively large. It can be used independently as a data platform.
4. It can also form a unified platform for video and IMSI numbers with video surveillance.
5. It can also be combined with video face recognition to form the face + IMSI number corresponding to the big data platform;
6. Recognized by License Plate Recognition and Face Recognition + IMSI + License Plate Big Data Platform

3. Get Suspect IMSI City Trajectory

As shown in the figure, the trajectory of suspects entering the city is very clear as we have increased the density of small-scale fences in urban areas.

Even if each deployment point cannot be fully captured, there are sufficient deployment points to ensure the trajectory of the suspect.

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China Downtown Skynet fence System Solutions