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Triple Band Cellular Signal Repeater

Triple Band Cellular Signal Repeater

  • 1. Main Features Wideband repeater to support signals of all operators.High-integration (One board to contain low-noise ampl……
Product Details

1. Main Features

  • Wideband repeater to support signals of all operators.
  • High-integration (One board to contain low-noise amplifier, frequency selection module)
  • Manual gain control provides a variety of applications.
  • Auto-automatic gain control to stabilize the coverage and minimize the noises.
  • Auto shut off function as a final step to avoid severe interference with the mobile network.

2. Specifications

Electrical specificationUplinkDownlink
Band3DCS18001710 ~ 1785MHz1808 ~ 1880MHz
Band1/Band7LTE2100/LTE26001920 ~ 1980MHz2500 ~ 2570MHz2110 ~ 21700MHz2620 ~ 2690MHz
Max. Gain60dB±3dB63dB±3dB
Max. Output power17dBm±2.0dBm17dBm±2.0dBm
Band widthWide Band
MGC (Step Attenuation)≧25dB / 1dB step
Automatic Level Control≧15dB auto shut off after 15dB
Spurious Emission9KHz~1GHz≦ -36dBm @ 3KHz
 1GHz~12.75GHz≦-30dBm @ 3KHz
Noise Figure≦ 7dB
Group Delay≦ 1.0μs
Power Consumption≦ 10W
Input Voltage RangeDC:9V ~12V(DC-025/2.1-5.5mm)
Operation Temperature-25℃ ~ +60℃
Machine Weight≦1KG
LED AlarmStandard
LED AlarmISOALC 10dB Red
 ALARMALC ≧20dB, Red, then shut off automatically)

3. Machine Drawing

Main Picture
LCD Display

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Triple Band Cellular Signal Repeater