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Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd

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Power Amplifier Module Duplex Power Splitter IBS Antenna

698-2700MHz Power Splitter

Dierctional Coupler 698 – 2700 MHz, 5,6,7,10,15dB

Grounding Cable- Gauged Copper Wire

4-Way Cavity Filter

IMSI Catcher

4G LTE Universal BBU

Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd
Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd
Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd



经验丰富,实力超群 产品热销全国,企业荣膺多项殊荣

20年 关注真空泵的研发、制造应用系统的产品,畅销国内多家企业





Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd
Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd





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  • GSM Catcher Software Instruction
  • Connect the computer network cable to the ETH interface of the device, and change the computer IP to 192.168.1.XX.The default IP of the device is, and the computer IP address needs to avoid thi……
  • 2G+4G IMSI Catcher Instructions
  • This device is hardware configured as GSM two carriers, two carriers support GSM900, GSM1800 optional, LTE one carrier, carrier supports band8 band7 band3 frequency points can be configured. The device is po……

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Foshan Stone Telecom Co., Ltd. was newly established in Sep. 2009 by its founder who had been working in one of the earliest companies in the wireless/RF industry of China for more than 10 years of R&D and management, with a backup of a group of veteran engineers cherishing the value of “profe……